Vision: A Safer Community Through Quality Services

Our vision at Simon Garage Door And Gates Repair goes beyond providing reliable repair services. We're all about creating safer communities through high-quality gate installations and maintenance. By ensuring your gates function seamlessly every time you use them, we help make sure your property remains safe day after day.The safety of our customers' properties forms the cornerstone of our business philosophy. We believe everyone deserves peace of mind when it comes to their home or office premises; this drives us to continuously strive for excellence in all aspects of service delivery.

Mission: To Serve With Passion & Expertise

We are here not only to meet expectations but exceed them consistently. Our mission embodies two main principles:

To serve with passion: For us, every project isn't merely work – it's an opportunity to assist someone who needs professional support while improving their property’s security levels..
To offer unmatched expertise: Backed by years of experience working with various types (and brands)of doors/gates gives us unique insights into solving even complex issues quickly efficiently without compromising quality .

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Phone Number

(909) 316-1765

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Simon Garage Door And Gates Repair

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Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm Saturday-Sunday: 8am-8pm